AG help to plant the seeds of knowledge

AG Help to Plant the Seeds of KnowledgeIt was a pleasure to welcome Level 3 Construction students from South West College, Dungannon to our Pomeroy site to see AG’s Sustainability and Biodiversity plans in action.  

The group was met by Operation’s Manager Lyle Cairns, Health and Safety Manager Cathy Maguire and Conservation Manager Ed. O’Hara. The students were shown the existing work done already in protecting the White-clawed Crayfish in partnership with the Ballinderry River White-clawed Crayfish Re-introduction and Breeding Programme.

Conservation Areas

They were also able to witness the setting up of several new conservation areas within the site,  the upper Ponds for aquatic and waterbirds and two Embankments for Sand Martins of which this site with over two hundred pairs is one of the most important in Northern Ireland.  Other bird species such as SkylarkMeadow Pipit and Northern Wheatear to name a few will also benefit from this initiative.

Level 3 Construction Students at South West College, are required to study health and safety, together with sustainable construction and technology, so the visit was integral to their course and highlighted for them, the importance of sustainability and biodiversity in an organisation like AG.