Biodiversity is something that is very close to our hearts here at AG. With that in mind, we recently worked alongside Premier Woodlands of Magherafelt to regenerate some of our land just a few miles away from our Fivemiletown Headquarters.

As outlined in the statutory framework contained within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, the UK Forestry Standard and the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme (UKWAS), we understand the potential detrimental effects on biodiversity that conifer only plantations can have on open ground habitats.

Encouraging Growth

As the aim of the regeneration project was to create an environment that encouraged the growth and inhabitance of a wide variety of plant and animal species, AG and Premier Woodlands ensured that both commercial pine and native tree species were planted simultaneously throughout the 22-acre site. This is the second phase of regeneration that AG have carried out on this particular site.

AG’s Conservation Officer, Ed O’Hara, commented on the project:

“The detrimental effects of conifer plantations on open ground habitats have been discussed at great length, but the contribution of mix-planted forests of commercial pine and native tree species will help to enhance the biodiversity. This is why the Clabby Mountain Regeneration Scheme is such a worthwhile project.”

You can find out more about our commitment to biodiversity in the Corporate Responsibility section of our website.

Pictured: Conservation Officer AG Group, Ed O’Hara, planting the first of many tree species across the 22-acre site.