Done and Dusted – AG Introduce New Cleaning Stations to All Sites

Done and Dusted - AG Introduce New Cleaning Stations To All SitesAnyone who has played sports such as golf, football and rugby may have used compressed air devices that are used to clean mud and grass off various sporting accessories. In the manufacturing industry, similar devices are used to clean dust and débris off work clothing and safety equipment. However, did you know that compressed air devices can cause serious injury and that compressed air is against the law in some countries?

JetBlack™ Cleaning Station

As part of a recent health and safety review, it was highlighted that a safer alternative to compressed air was required for employees to clean their work equipment and clothing. To counteract this, AG has recently purchased a JetBlack™ ‘blow-off cleaning station’ for each of our sites. The JetBlack™ is an innovative, safe and effective tool for personnel clean-down and de-dusting operations and particularly useful in industrial environments. Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Cathy Donnelly, highlighted the benefits of the cleaning stations:

“Compressed air is dangerous and potentially fatal should it enter the bloodstream. We needed a safer alternative to compressed air for employees to clean down dust at the end of their shift. We sourced the JetBlack™ system which offers a simple, safer and effective tool for employees.”

Positive Feedback

Already, the device has become popular with the employees and now forms part of their regular clean-down routine. AG Production Manager, Nigel Tomlinson concluded:

“We were given the JetBlack™ system as a safer alternative to remove dust from clothing and since its introduction some weeks ago the feedback has been very positive from all members of staff using this product.”

Stephen Crooks, AG Production using the new JetBlack™ Cleaning Station