Drowning Prevention Week

AG is proudly supporting Drowning Prevention week. It is important that people are vigilant while enjoying the weather and visiting the province’s many beauty spots. We must also spread the message of the dangers of unapproved gathering spots such as disused quarries and ponds.

The clear blue water of a quarry will look appealing on a hot summer day but Quarry water is much colder than rivers, lakes or the sea; you could die from “cold shock” in under 2 minutes.

Raising awareness of water safety is especially relevant now due to the combination of factors that have led to an unprecedented number of people seeking attractive, outside venues with water.

Families visiting beaches may not appreciate that they will need to be extra vigilant when their children are in the water as the traditional life guarding services provided may not be present or operating at reduced levels.

With the weather good and schools and sports clubs closed young people have been seeking alternative areas to enjoy a swim and putting lives at risk. It is important that you share our water safety message with your friends and family.

Quarry Water is a Stone Cold Killer – Stay Out and Stay Safe.