Peter Turner joined AG in 2011 as Regional Sales Manager for the South East before taking on the role of Commercial Sales Manager in 2014 with responsibility for developing the stockist base and relevant buying groups in Scotland, England and Wales.

Peter speaks of the challenges which he faces in his role, “In an ambitious company like Acheson + Glover, finding continuous routes to market in new and unchartered territories is a challenge in my current role.
Setting up an external merchant sales team is also a new challenge for me in 2016 but well worth it and proves we are making an impact in this sector.”

Product Development

Peter continued to explain how AG provides quality products based on the customer requirements: “We pride ourselves on listening to what our merchant stockists want; Support, Ingenuity, Quality products and merchant friendly packaging. We’re constantly evolving our portfolio and leading the way in terms of product development. Riverstone and Plaza are two products brought to market in recent years which typify our quality, utilising the top mix technology.

“It’s an exciting time to be in manufacturing after years of weathering a bleak outlook. The market is making the right noises and there is plenty of business to be won and projects to work on.”