New London Rail Project is Perfect Platform for AG Products

New London Rail Project is Perfect Platform for AG ProductsA development project at one of London’s most famous railway stations has proved to be a platform for Acheson & Glover (AG) specialist building products.

More than 1,500m2 of AG products have been laid at the East India Dock Station, Canary Wharf as part of a major refurbishment project.

Architects D4P selected AG’s 200x150x60mm Riverstone Blackwater, Rectangular 200x100x60mm Crieve Mix and 200x100x915mm Terrakerbs for the scheme.

This is the first of a series of ten supply contracts to Docks Light Railway for AG

Mark Armstrong from Architects, D4P said his firm wanted to create something special for their client.

“AG has a strong reputation in the market and this project showed why.  Their products are renowned for their aesthetics and performance but what we really liked was their attention to detail and how they were able to create a one-off type colour for this project.  Nothing was a hassle to them.”

AG’s Commercial Sales Manager-GB Distributors, Peter Turner said: “AG offered the Architects and the client, DLR, two products which provided the right aesthetics and feel the station needed in terms of texture with the three shades of Riverstone and the bespoke Rectangular colour Crieve Mix.  This was a great project with which to be involved and to be able to showcase our products.”

East India takes its name from the nearby former East India Docks of the Port of London, where ships trading with the Indian subcontinent used to dock.

The historic Greenwich Prime Meridian crosses the DLR at the eastern end of the platforms, which is marked by an illuminated blue line underneath the tracks at street level. The modern IERS Reference Meridian used by GPS crosses the tracks approximately 117 metres further east between Neutron Tower and Switch House, but is unmarked.