Sustainable Outlook to Product Design and Innovation

Thank you to Catherine Campbell (Associate Engineer), for her presentation on AG’s “Sustainable Outlook to Product Design and Innovation” at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference.

Carbon reduction in the Construction Industry is becoming a critical element. Cement alone is 8% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, AG implements a sustainable outlook to all product design and innovation.

AG defines sustainability as the intrinsic balance between the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business operations. At AG we are committed to these principles of sustainable development. Consequently,  we aim to infuse them in all areas of our business through a process of continuous improvement.

Catherine’s presentation covered different elements on tackling the carbon emissions issue and how AG are working towards becoming a more sustainable business . This included mix design optimisation, product design and efficient manufacturing strategies.

After studying Civil Engineering, Catherine found a passion for the environmental aspect within the Construction Industry. As a result Catherine went on to further her education with a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Currently, Catherine is completing a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Queens University and AG.

At AG we have a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility team. The team aims to develop low carbon products as part of our company strategy. Catherine is AG’s Sustainability lead and above all, is working on AG’s business strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

In short, AG believes that by working in partnership with our employees, local community, customers, contractors, suppliers, clients and all stakeholders we can have a positive impact on society and the environment. Therefore, in turn we will ensure that we thrive on our sustainable business journey.