Growing Area

Grow your own

It takes skill, knowledge and patience to be able to use your outside space as your own private greengrocers. But with just a bit of planning, you can make things a lot easier for yourself.


In our Grow Your Own Garden, we have combined paving and retaining walls to create easy-to-manage raised areas and bedding to minimise the overall workload. The back of the garden has been raised up to maximise sunlight and we have built some rather nifty brick planters using our traditional red facing bricks.

The sweeping Bayfield retaining wall leads towards steps up to the raised area, inviting you to explore the upper part of the garden. Finished off with a matching cap, this wall can easily double up as a seat.

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Our range of mortar-less retaining walls are easily built by DIYers. The secret is to plan where your wall is going using some sand, then dig down and get your first course perfectly level. The rest of the wall will then be simple and quick to build.

A Veggie Patch

Everyone knows that fruit and veg taste better when you’ve just picked them. So what’s stopping you?

Maybe the grass needs cutting, or the hedge needs trimming, or the weeding needs done in that wet patch at the back where the sun just doesn’t reach. At AG, we have the knowledge and the products to cut the to-do list and keep things simple.

For more information on how AG can help you, just contact your nearest AG Outside Room Centre.


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