Not just a pretty face

Get creative with facing brick

Have you considered using bricks to build more than just your home? What about garden walling, an outdoor fireplace, a brick BBQ or a bespoke seating area? Our facing bricks are perfect for indoor elements as well, such as alcoves, fireplaces and stove surrounds.

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Not just a pretty face!

Let an outdoor fireplace act as a vehicle for bringing people together. We no longer have to retreat indoors when the sun goes down or the evening turns a little chilly.

Choose a fireplace design that fits in with the scale of your house and garden, and also suits the material from which they’re constructed.
Tip: Add a flagged seating area to utilise space!

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Take a pew

Facing bricks are a versatile option for seating in your outside room. Compliment your style with a matching brick colour or add a contrasting colour to create a focal point.

The roughness of the brick will work well against a smooth wood for the base of your seat. Add cushions and throws to help soften the landscape.

Tip: add storage underneath your seats with a camouflaged flap for instant access to otherwise dead space!

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Add ambience to your outdoor space with a chimenea

Imagine sitting outdoors with your friends around a burning fire this autumn; snug and warm as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler.

Everyone loves a chimenea – an eye catching patio heater which spreads a circle of warmth. Build a brick housing around your chimenea to create a focal point. Use it to raise the height and also add a little stability to the unit.

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Outdoor kitchen

With all this outside living space, you’ll need an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are really just BBQ’s with a bit of added zest. Whether that be the addition of a sink, a fridge or just a fancy work surface, it is more than just a BBQ on wheels, it’s on trend!

In addition to patio furniture, consider more permanent built-in additions to your kitchen space. A wooden surface or flagged countertop can provide a stylish place for serving your food.

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Grow your own

It takes skill, knowledge and patience to be able to use your outside space as your own private greengrocers. But with just a bit of planning, you can make things a lot easier for yourself.

Brick planters are an easy way to grow plants and vegetables. A raised planter is also easier to reach if you find it difficult to crouch or kneel at ground level.

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Wonderful walling

Attractive landscaping using walling in a garden will also add value to your property – and bring a fresh new perspective to your outside living experience.

In most typical gardens, a competent DIY enthusiast can design and build something that meets their requirements, but if you want the wow factor you should ask the experts at AG.

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