Reserve Your Seat

Make a pew, take a pew

Before you plan a trip to the DIY store to pick up a set of plastic garden furniture, stop! What better way to create stylish, durable seating in your new garden than with creative use of facing bricks, garden walling and flagstones?

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Prominence and position

This may seem obvious, but put some thought into where exactly you want or need your seating area to feature.

Will it take centre stage in the middle of your patio? Or does your exposure to the elements necessitate a more sheltered area?



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Size and shape

Are you looking for a small intimate seating area? Or do you need somewhere to entertain groups of family and friends? Ensure your seating area is adequate in size to accommodate your guests.

Curved seating works a treat in creating an intimate seating area around a sizzling fire-pit for all to enjoy. A straight bench-style seating area will compliment a minimalist style zone keeping those clean lines throughout.

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Choose your materials

Now to make your pew. Thankfully it could not be easier using our garden walling or facing brick. Using smaller bricks are the perfect option if you have space restrictions and they can even be matched to the existing brick of your home.

Or consider using our easy-to-build garden walling – it’s a DIYers dream. Try going for a contrasting colour to that of your flags or paving.

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Now to accessorize

Soften the look of your new seating area with accessories such as throws, blankets or cushions. As well as extra comfort, this will allow you to introduce pops of colour and texture to the area.

Get in on the warming trend by providing some cosy throws. Just in case the temperature drops quickly! The fluffier the better.

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