Over The Threshold

Kerbs, steps and ramps

There are a multitude of product combinations available to achieve the perfect step or ramp. Be inspired by our selection of design options for your home and garden.

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Stand out from the crowd

Make good use of colour and contrast your steps and ramps for visibility.

The sweeping Bayfield retaining wall leads towards steps up to the raised area, inviting you to explore the upper part of the garden. Finished off with a matching cap, this wall can easily double up as a seat.

Use contrasting colours to help give each step more impact. Step edges that are contrasted to step treads and risers improve safety by helping to visually reinforce the change from flat surfaces to steps.

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Create a dramatic entrance

Curved lines will not only add an architectural structure and presence but also provides a texture and drama.

How about a set of pillars to mark the entrance to your home?

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