Meet Thomas

Hello, I’m Thomas Harpur

I’m an independent Landscape Designer for AG, specialising in 3D Design.

My background…

As well as running Fortview Nursery, here at FortView Design, I have been creating beautiful, practical gardens for the past 25 years. My projects have ranged from small to large, new builds to full renovations, and everything in between.

What I specialise in…

Our unique 3D design package offers clients a comprehensive view of their newly designed garden using 3D images. These images incorporate the clients’ home as well as both the hard and soft landscaping elements, enabling them to decide on styles and colours easily. In addition to that, for designs over £500 clients can take a virtual walk through their designed garden giving them a real lift impression of how it will look.

Top tip for my clients…

Ensure everything is in proportion. It’s important all areas in your garden compliment each other. This is in regards to the ‘flow’ of your design where one area leads into another, and in proportion, where the size of your patio, lawn and shrub beds reflect each other.

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