How to choose an installer

Choosing the right contractor is an important decision.

Follow these simple suggestions to ensure a good quality job.

Plan early

Good contractors are in demand and are often booked up weeks or months in advance. Be wary of contractors who can start immediately.

Always get more than one quotation

We recommend getting at least three but make sure they are like-for-like for a true price comparison. These should be dated with details of how long the quotation is valid for and must be on headed paper with the contractors contact information.

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Check them out

Ask if they have the relevant Public and Employer Liability insurance and if they are members of any trade associations. Ask for references from previous customers and details of where their work can be viewed. Contact these references and perhaps go and see the job they’re currently working on.

Ask their advice

The added bonus of contacting more than one contractor is that you often get a range of valuable free design advice. Many will have a photograph album of previous jobs that can help you visualise how our products will look in your plan.

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Don’t decide purely on price

We know that this will be at the forefront of any decision but it’s important that you feel comfortable with your contractor, that they understand your needs and that you are confident in their abilities.

Once you have made your decision

Get an estimated start and completion date. These dates should be a little flexible as they can often change due to weather conditions and extended time spent on earlier jobs.

Make any changes or amendments from the initial quotation and have an up-to-date quotation agreed and drawn up.

Make sure you understand the plan fully and that the area measurements and order quantities are correct. Take an ongoing interest in the work and if there are any variations to what has been agreed deal with them face-to-face.

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To avoid wastage

Get your contractor to accurately measure areas on-site before placing an order. It is important to note that AG do not accept returns on materials.

Recommended Installers are independent contractors. AG cannot be held responsible for the quality of workmanship or issues relating to the contractor-client relationship. AG are not responsible for any aspect of poor workmanship by the installer.