Check out our FAQ’s on a range of our AG products from installation to product information.

See our advice and guidance page also for useful tips.

  • What are your opening hours?

    Click here to see your local AG Outside Room Centre opening times.

  • Are you open during the lunch hour?

    Yes, all of our branches have staff available through lunchtime for your convenience.

  • When are you closed for the holidays?

    Any holiday closing dates will be advertised in the showrooms, on the website and on our Facebook page. If in doubt, please give us a call.

  • Where can I buy your products?

    In Northern Ireland and the border counties of Southern Ireland you can contact any of our Outside Room Centres to purchase our full range of products, which can be delivered direct to you (we can quote in Euro or Sterling).

    NB. There may be delivery restrictions with some of our products but collections of all our products are possible from selected branches so please contact your local branch for more details.

    In other areas of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales we can refer you to a local AG stockist. Just click here and enter your postcode for your nearest branch.

    Alternatively, email our GB Merchant sales team at gbsales@ag.uk.com.

  • Do AG supply and fit products?

    AG do not install products.  In Northern Ireland, AG have a list of Recommended Installers whom you can employ to install our products. To find your local AG recommended installer click here.

    NB. Available in Northern Ireland only.

    Talk to your builders merchant. Your local stockist will be able to offer you expert advice and recommend reliable local installers.

    HELPFUL HINT: To achieve a quality finish to your project always choose a reputable installer, builder or hard landscaping contractor. Take time to look at previous jobs they have worked on and don’t be afraid to ask to see examples of their work in situ.

  • How do I maintain the appearance of paving, flags and walling?

    For general help and guidance, AG have an Advice + Guidance Booklet available to view or download on our website. You can also view our Aftercare advice and guidance – click here.

    AG supply aftercare products to help with the maintenance of our products. Our range includes: Stone + Tile Cleaner and Mildew, Moss + Fungus Remover – view products here. Newly in stock is AG Patio Protect, a water based surface protection treatment which is used by AG for all our Enduur 2 level products and is now available in handy 5 litre containers to apply to your own outside room.

    All aftercare products are available in 1 litre containers (the Moss + Mildew Remover is also available in a 5 litre container). Contact us directly for more information.

    NB. Aftercare products available in Northern Ireland only.

    Talk to your builders merchant. Your local stockist will be able to offer you expert advice and recommend cleaning products to suit your requirements.

  • What are the white patches appearing on my recently purchased products?

    The white patches may be efflorescence (also known as lime or white bloom) coming through our concrete based products. This is nothing to be concerned about as it is easily treated.

    Efflorescence (white crystals also known as ‘white bloom’) can appear on newly installed walls, paving and flagstones which have a high cement content. It is hard to predict how long efflorescence will last due to varying factors such as climate conditions, location and aspect. In some cases it can take around a year to disappear completely. It is in no way detrimental to the performance of the product. AG cannot be held responsible for this natural phenomenon.

  • Are your dry-build walls free-standing?

    All of our ‘dry-build’ Anchor retaining wall products require soil reinforcement to maintain stability. Other free-standing walling options are available from AG, such as our Mile Stone walling, Kamden double-sided walling and facing brick products.

  • If I want to do the work myself do you have a how-to guide?

    Guidance on how-to-install your new paving blocks, flagstones or garden walling products can be found in our ‘How-to’ section – view here. Whether you are planning to do the work yourself or employ a professional to do it for you, this guide covers all the essential points you need to know about.

  • Are your ‘ground’ flagstones slippy?

    If you’re contemplating replacing or laying new flagstones around your home you might be concerned about how safe your footing will be in wet conditions. All of our flagstones go through regular in-house testing to current health and safety recommendations in wet conditions. Both our ground and textured finishes are specified as ‘low potential for slip’, so you can rest assured AG flags comply with all statutory testing.

    NB. It is important to keep your surfaces free from a build-up of debris or grime that may contribute to a slip or fall on the surface.