Discover the Benefits of Anchor® SRWS

Faster, smarter walling systems.

AG Anchor segmental retaining wall systems have been designed to address many of the common design difficulties of accommodating changing levels on sites and to resolve many of the key bugbears of traditional walling solutions. The AG Anchor range is a clear winner on cost effectiveness, aesthetics and practicality.

A tried + tested solution.

AG currently supply Anchor Wall Systems to the UK and Ireland. Anchor are walls are built in more that 20 other countries, supplying over 10 million blocks to public, private, commercial and domestic schemes – they’re a proven effective solution in large-scale public works and road-building schemes, schools, commercial projects and within housing developments.

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Versatile + practical

If you’re used to designing with other types of retaining solutions, you’ll find the sheer flexibility and versatility of the AG Anchor system to be a revelation.

As safe as it is fast.

Our new machine install solution brings significant increases to site safety, as well as significantly reducing labour and time requirements for typical large installations.

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Aesthetically strong

Designed to capture the beauty of natural stone, AG Anchor walls have been carefully designed to deliver a solution that perfectly complements both natural and urban environments.