Retaining walls made easy with AG’s Anchor Vertica Machine Installation

AG, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of innovative concrete products is driving enhanced on-site efficiencies with its state-of-the-art mortarless Anchor Vertica® segmental retaining wall solution (Macwall®) which is now fully compatible with machine installation. An ideal solution for projects large and small within the residential sector Anchor Vertica® was designed to tackle difficult installation areas such as steep, sloping hillsides.

By optimising machine installation as opposed to requiring traditional manual labour and mortar, Anchor Vertica® is superior in terms of cost, speed, accuracy and safety compared to the wider segmental retaining wall market.

With enhanced geosynthetic reinforcement, AG clients can rest assured that Anchor Vertica® blocks meet and surpass industry standards for strength and durability. Vertica® walls can be built to virtually any height in incredibly tight spaces thanks to patented, built-in alignment locators and a near vertical rise for less excavation and land loss.

Available in a broad range of warm earth tone colours (Basalt, Canelletto, Cashel and Corrib) and natural textured finishes (straight-cut and stone-cut) the variety offered by Anchor Vertica® means that it can be adapted to blend seamlessly with any residential environment
All blocks have been manufactured to BS EN 771-3:2011+A1:2015 Specification for Masonry Units meaning they are of the upmost quality and strength.

Now available as a Double Sided Block (DSB), AG’s Anchor Vertica® is even more versatile; making it ideal for parapet walls, small barrier extensions as well as stop end blocks.
Developed as the perfect solution to avoid unsightly finishes on parapets and walls the DSB version of Anchor Vertica® adds a professional, attractive finish to walling without the need to add railing, slab walling or a double course.

Commenting on the new product, Rodney Davidson, Commercial Director at AG commented, “As machine install friendly blocks, Anchor Vertica® is especially safe and efficient. We are already experiencing high demand for this product within the Housebuilding sector and look forward to working closely with Engineers, Architects, Contractors, developers and Housebuilders.

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