Ten Million Reasons to Celebrate at AG’s FMT Site

Staff at AG’s (Acheson + Glover’s) Fivemiletown site are celebrating a remarkable milestone in the company’s production history. The workforce has manufactured its ten millionth Anchor retaining wall block, renowned for its high quality and durability.

Each block weighs anything between 6kg and 40kg. It takes mere seconds to make one and those made so far have been used in projects around the UK and Ireland including the M1 Belfast, M32 bus lane extension Bristol and BMW manufacturing plant in Cowley, Oxfordshire.

To put it into perspective, ten million blocks would stretch from Belfast to Turkey or from the top to the bottom of Mount Everest 516 times over.

Stephen Acheson, Commercial Director, said:

“Our Retaining Wall has been manufactured at FMT since 1999. One of our most popular products, it’s not surprising we have reached ten million but getting there wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Fivemiletown team. A huge congratulation and thanks to them from us. This is really a monumental accolade.”