We Are Family!

We Are Family!As renowned British actor, Michael Cain would say … not a lot of people know this. And neither did we until we started foraging around for information on family connections with AG in anticipation of National Family Business Day which takes place today.

More than 40 of our staff are related to one another – proving AG ‘relatively speaking’ really is a family business!

Most people may know we’re a third generation family-owned business with RaymondStephen and Lauren all playing key roles as CEO, Commercial Director and Head of Group Marketing respectively.

But did you know we’ve got almost 40 other people throughout AG who are related to one another? Wow! Neither did we.

From four husband and wife teams like Ronnie and Carol Neely in Fivemiletown and Noel and Rhonda Corrigan also in Fivemiletown to ten fathers and sons like David Williams (senior and junior) in our GB fitting team to 11 pairs of siblings (including in-laws) like lorry drivers Robin and Graham Lockhart and John and Gerard Cassidy in Toome our family tree is wide and varied.

National Family Business Day is an annual campaign, now in its third year created to champion and celebrate the diversity, strength and contribution that family businesses make to the UK economy and beyond.

Founder and champion of the family business sector, Paul Andrews said:

“There are over 3 million family firms across the UK and not only do they employ significant numbers of people, generate significant tax revenues and support local communities, they are the backbone of the UK economy.”

To celebrate AG’s very own version of National Family Business Day here’s a link to some guys who sang about family in 1979 (before many of our workforce were born!).  Get your Hawaiian t-shirts and white shoes at the ready.

And, for the record, here’s a run down on the AG family ties:


Father and son = 5

Sibling = 13 (including in-laws)

Married = 4