2 October 2023

Micro-Gardening: Small space solutions

With space at a premium and more people choosing an urban lifestyle; living in apartments or townhouses with just small balconies or courtyard gardens has become the norm – with the idea of a green outdoor space seeming far from possible. But the Japanese trend of micro-gardening is here to change that.

Micro-gardening is the practice of cultivating plants, herbs, vegetables in small spaces – and using everyday items to do it – anything from plastic-lined wooden crates, old car tires, plastic buckets, trash cans, and wooden pallets. Make the most of any vertical space you have, use our walling and facing brick to create a home for your crawling plants and herbs. Utilise windowsills and balconies as well as bringing some of the outdoors in by creating terrariums.

For people who like the idea of gardening or greenery but don’t have the time, space or money, micro-gardens are the great alternative to traditional gardening, allowing homeowners to create the perfect, scaled-down outside room. Outside Rooms have a large range of products that can help your outdoor space appear roomier. For instance, our elongated plank paving range Long Stone is ideal for maximising smaller spaces.

Small space doesn’t have to mean a boring space, devoid of colour and life – if anything it can enable you to become a more creative gardener and allow you to add a personal touch with splashes of colour, upcycled items and what’s more, it can actually be an easier, more manageable way of starting to grow your own herbs and vegetables – a task that might seem daunting in a bigger garden – but that actually can save time and money in the long run.

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