McAteer Paving

Say hello to Owen McAteer owner of McAteer Paving and valued AG Recommended Installer.

Mc Ateer Paving has a wealth of experience with over 35 years in the business. The installers take pride in their designs, detailed workmanship and customer satisfaction.

  • Design
  • Flagging, Paving, Kerbing + Walling
  • Facing Brick
  • Soft Landscaping
  • Maintenance
  • Fencing
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What I love about my job…

I love that we can take a blank canvas and transform it into a beautiful space. We love it all really, from start to finish.


The great thing about being an AG Recommended Installer…

Referrals are defiantly a great source of business, it’s an avenue for a customer to contact me. We enjoy the promotion and the support from AG, it gives customers confidence in us. We have over 35 years of experience with AG products, that speaks for itself!


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Favourite AG product…

I like the classic Country Cobble. The Porcelain range is becoming a new favorite though!