AG’s Driving Safety Home with their latest #GoHomeSafe Initiative

In recognition of National Forklift Safety Day (11th June), AG is proud to announce the launch of a weeklong Forklift and Mobile Plant Safety initiative. This effort is part of our ongoing #GoHomeSafe campaign, dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors.

Inspired by the Mineral Products Association’s (MPA) Vision Zero initiative, which focuses on eliminating the causes of ‘The Fatal 6’, and the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland’s (HSENI) ‘Drive Danger Out’ campaign, our Forklift and Mobile Plant Safety Week will concentrate on building awareness of the risks associated with workplace transport and pedestrian interfaces.

19% of fatalities in the industry involve workplace transport, often involving contact with pedestrians; every year pedestrians are killed or seriously injured having been  hit by mobile plant or other transport operating on a mineral products site. Although AG prioritises forklift and mobile plant safety year-round, this concentrated campaign aims to improve driver and pedestrian safety across AG’s four sites, highlighting best practice and potential risks regarding workplace vehicles.

Notably, AG has reported no forklift and mobile plant incidents or near misses across our facilities this year. To reinforce this achievement and to ensure our continued performance, our campaign will feature members from our team including personal stories which will be shared across various channels, including team huddles, presentations, and digital signage. These stories aim to highlight that safety is personal, a crucial message of our overarching #GoHomeSafe campaign.

Aligned with one of our core company values, Wellbeing and our in-house Health & Wellbeing Programme, Activ8, the campaign will highlight the importance of forklift and mobile plant best practice, including daily checks and general safety measures. Kerrie Quinn, our Outside Rooms Team Leader, will feature in the video content, demonstrating AG’s standard protocols, after recently earning her B1 & B2 Forklift Licence.

The campaign will revisit previous safety initiatives implemented by AG to underscore their significance. This includes the introduction of Forklift Pedestrian Assistance Lighting (PAL), where red lights have been attached to the sides of each of our forklifts to indicate the ‘halo zone’ – the safe distance between a pedestrian and forklift, that no one should cross.

Other pre-existing safety measures that will be highlighted throughout include AG’s pull pedestrian gates which ensure optimised safety on pedestrian routes by encouraging pauses at junctions and the introduction of a Forklift Tag System, a suggestion from one of our General Operatives, Mark Wilson, via our ongoing Good Catch initiative. The Forklift Tag indicates if a vehicle is safe for use after daily checks have been completed, encouraging staff to promptly report any hazards through our auditing app, Engage, if it isn’t.

2024 sees the introduction of seat belt indicators on all of AG’s forklifts, the main focus of this year’s campaign. When a seat belt is fastened, a green beacon on top of the forklift will flash to signal to others that the operators seat belt is in use, encouraging staff to be responsible for their own and others’ safety.

This initiative was inspired by an incident involving one of our General Operatives, Jeff Suttle, who narrowly avoided serious injury during a freak accident whilst driving his dump truck on site. By wearing his seat belt, Jeff minimised the severity of his injuries and helped save his own life. We hope to reinforce the importance of seat belt safety through our latest internal campaign by highlighting our newest safety measure and by sharing Jeff’s story with the wider AG team.

Commenting on the latest initiative, Cathy Maguire, HSEQ Manager stated,

“Safety is not just a policy at AG, it’s a fundamental part of our culture. This campaign underscores our relentless commitment to ensuring every employee understands the importance of safety procedures and practices them daily. We are dedicated to creating a work environment where everyone feels secure and goes home safe to their loved ones every day. There is no competition when it comes to safety and we’re proud to lead by example and share our efforts industry wide.”

Watch the video to learn more about AG’s forklift and mobile plant safety protocols:

AG’s Driving Safety Home with their latest #GoHomeSafe Initiative Forklift + Mobile Plant Safety Week