AG’s Leading Ladies: Breaking Barriers, Building Futures

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week, AG is delighted to shine a spotlight on some of the remarkable women who contribute to our success and help to shape the future of our company. In line with this year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion’, we are thrilled to honour the achievements of some of our leading ladies who defy stereotypes and drive innovation in a traditionally male-dominated industry.


International Women's Day Jill Woolsey

Jill Woolsey, Outside Rooms Retail Sales Advisor | 4.5 Years with AG  

Transitioning seamlessly from roles such as Installation Manager to Landscape Designer, Jill’s rich and varied journey with AG is a testament to her versatility and passion. In her current position as Outside Rooms Retail Sales Advisor, Jill is responsible for managing pricing strategies and stock as well as providing invaluable guidance to customers at our newest AG Outside Room’s location situated in JP Corry, Dromore.

Reflecting on her time at AG, Jill highlights her significant achievements, notably doubling net sales of recommended installers over a 3-year period and her pivotal role in the design and construction of the Garden Show Ireland installation in 2022. Jill attributes much of her success to AG’s supportive environment. She remarks, “When I was studying Horticulture, I took a real interest in garden design, which ultimately led me to work for AG. Throughout my time here, the team have been receptive to feedback and have encouraged the development of my ideas.” She applauds AG’s culture of fostering innovation and trust in its employees, stating, “The company promotes a culture where feedback is welcomed, and solutions are swiftly implemented. I’ve always felt empowered to drive change and contribute towards the company’s growth.”

Navigating challenges as a woman in the construction industry, Jill adopts a pragmatic approach. Despite encountering resistance from some traditional customers, she addresses their concerns with professionalism and expertise. Jill’s advocacy for increasing female representation in construction revolves around meritocracy, championing skills and qualifications over gender, thereby fostering an inclusive environment that attracts diverse talent to the industry.


International Women's Day Pauline Campbell

Pauline Campbell, Financial Controller | 6 Years with AG 

Since joining AG in 2018, Pauline has been instrumental in shaping the company’s financial landscape. Her promotion to Financial Controller in 2019 recognised her invaluable contributions to AG’s strategic decision-making as well as marking a personal milestone in her career.

Pauline’s current role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities. “I oversee our finance team, managing day-to-day financial operations like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management,” Pauline explains. “Additionally, I’m responsible for preparing and presenting financial reports, conducting budgeting and forecasting exercises and maintaining internal controls to mitigate financial risks for AG.”

Pauline’s passion for improving internal systems is evident in her time at AG, collaborating with colleagues across every department from Sales to IT. Her efforts have led to the implementation of transformative tools like Power BI, empowering teams with real-time data insights for informed decision-making and heightened productivity.

Balancing her career, her studies in Data Analytics and motherhood, Pauline embodies resilience and determination. AG’s supportive culture and commitment to work-life balance have been pivotal in her time at the company, enabling her to thrive personally and professionally. When asked how the construction industry could attract more female employees Pauline advocates for industry-wide initiatives to foster inclusivity and diversity, emphasising the need for flexible working arrangements and more family friendly policies like AG’s for both males and females to ensure a stronger, more vibrant workforce.


International Women's Day Kerry Quinn

Kerrie Quinn, AG Outside Rooms Team Leader | 2 Years with AG 

Excelling in her role as AG Outside Rooms Sales Advisor, Kerrie has recently been promoted to Team Leader and is now responsible for supporting and guiding the entire AG Outside Rooms team across their four showroom locations throughout Northern Ireland.

Describing her typical work day, Kerrie emphasises the customer-centric nature of her role. “A typical day consists of helping a wide variety of customers from homeowners to landscapers, whether that be via phone call, email or face to face. ” she says, highlighting her dedication to creating sales opportunities for the company through knowledgeable and friendly interactions.

What Kerrie finds most rewarding about her work at AG is the tangible impact she makes on customers’ lives. “I love seeing the before and after pictures of everyone’s projects,” she explains, “knowing you have helped them achieve something special that they will cherish with their family for years to come brings me so much joy.”

Inspired by her sister, who worked in AG Outside Rooms previously, Kerrie entered the construction industry with confidence. “Women can do it just as well as the men”, she asserts with a smile. AG’s supportive environment has been instrumental in Kerrie’s career progression and work-life balance, particularly as a mother of two young girls. “AG is a family-run business and this shows in their day-to-day values, you always have someone to turn to whether that be professionally or personally. The team have always been accommodating when it comes to any unexpected family demands. This support system has enabled me to achieve some of my proudest accomplishments to date including my recent promotion” she acknowledges.


International Women's Day Karen Keys

Karen Keys, Transport Administration Support | 1.5 Years with AG 

Karen, in her relatively short tenure with AG has already made a significant contribution to the company’s transport operations. Her primary responsibilities revolve around transport compliance, including organising PSVs, inspections and maintenance of AG’s fleet of offloaders.

Karen’s interest in lorries inspired her to pursue a career in the transportation field, even in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Despite some initial surprise at her role, Karen remains undeterred, leveraging her passion to excel in her position. Reflecting on her day to day, Karen notes, “Each day is different.” While she begins with routine tasks like checking driver logs, her day often unfolds with diverse challenges, such as arranging repairs or addressing maintenance issues.

When asked what the most rewarding aspect of her work is Karen says keeping AG’s fleet operational to facilitate the timely delivery of products to customers, as well as her involvement in implementing load security measures to enhance safety during transit. Karen appreciates AG’s family-friendly culture which grants her work life balance and states this type of support across the construction industry will only aid women’s participation in the sector.


At AG, we are proud to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our leading ladies. Their dedication, resilience, and passion inspire us all to break barriers and build a future where inclusivity and diversity are at the forefront of everything we do. Learn more about International Women’s Day 2024 #InspireInclusion campaign here.