From Business to Books – Volunteering with Time to Read

In celebration of Volunteers Week (1st-7th June), we are proud to showcase the remarkable contributions of our employees who dedicate their time and skills to community initiatives. One example is Time to Read, a programme led by Business in the Community (BITC) and supported by the Department of Education. This initiative aims to enhance literacy among children while fostering a love of reading, building confidence, and developing social skills.

Bringing Stories to Life

Today, we shine a spotlight on Alana Finn, a member of our Marketing team, who has been making a significant impact on young readers. Alana dedicates an hour each week during term-time to help local primary school students enhance their literacy skills.

“The Time to Read initiative allows business professionals like me to visit local schools to help children improve their reading abilities,” explains Alana. “I got involved because I’ve always had a passion for reading and wanted to help kids that needed a little more support. AG provided me with the opportunity to do so through their partnership with BITC.”

Engaging Young Minds

Each session is carefully crafted to engage and inspire. Alana describes a typical session: “We start by choosing a book that interests the child, at their own level. They will then start reading, and I help them with difficult words and ask questions to ensure they understand the story. It’s all about making the experience fun and interactive, to really spark that joy for reading from a young age.”

One of the key strategies Alana employs is selecting books that resonate with the children’s interests, whether it’s adventures, animals, or sports. Her expressive reading and interactive questions bring the stories to life, keeping the young readers captivated.

Witnessing Growth and Confidence

The impact of Alana’s efforts is evident. “All the children that I’ve worked with have had a wide range of different levels of support needed, and I’ve seen each one of them become more confident in their reading abilities. Some who were initially shy about reading aloud have become more enthusiastic and expressive,” she shares. This transformation is a testament to the power of one-on-one attention and encouragement.

Personal and Professional Growth

Volunteering has also had a profound impact on Alana herself. “It has been incredibly rewarding to give back to the community, especially in my own local Primary School” she says. “Professionally, it has improved my communication and mentoring skills, which are incredibly valuable in my role at work. It has also given me a broader perspective on the importance of education.”

As Volunteers Week continues, we celebrate Alana Finn and all our employees who volunteer their time and talents to make a difference in the community through various initiatives. Their dedication and passion embody the spirit of Volunteers Week and AG’s core values.

Learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and AG’s efforts within the wider community here.


From Business to Books - Volunteering with Time to Read