Case Study


The homeowners wanted to bring a classic touch to their patio area adding charm to their modern self-build.

Estarano Stone complimented the colourful traditional stone of the home whilst displaying beautiful clear tones of the ‘Waterfall’ shade. The light tones of the flagstone brought to life the green shrubbery throughout the patio area. The exterior of the planters was finished with the darker shade of Estarano ‘Blue’, with the contrast creating a more vibrant style.

The project was completed with Mile Stone risers, Plaza Salt and Pepper border and a TerraPave® flagstone area in shade Rimini. Bayfield® walling was also used surrounding the exterior of the house.

Estarano porcelain and TerraPave® flagstones create a beautiful look whilst also providing incredibly hard-wearing, stain-resistant and practical characteristics.

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