AG embraces Engage software solution

Renowned for our focus on innovation, AG has recently implemented a software system (Engage software solution) which has transformed how our business records critical health and safety information and compliance requirements.

The aptly named ‘Engage’ will be used to build broader engagement in the organisation through direct and live interactions with the deployment of electronic tablet devices throughout key functions in the business. Using the Engage software and other software packages recently deployed in the company has helped to improve communication, efficiency and effectiveness.

AG’s Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager, Cathy Maguire, who led the implementation the software application said:

“Engage (Engage software solution) has allowed more comprehensive management of key daily, weekly and monthly tasks performed by people at all levels in the business from general operatives, supervisors, lorry drivers and senior management. It has also led to further improvements in our health, safety, quality and environmental management systems, which are accredited under ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001 respectively.

“It comes at an opportune time as the global transition to a ‘paperless’ environment has become even more critical than before in light of Covid 19. The move away from paper will be another great step by AG in driving the company’s commitment to protecting our environment.

 “The implementation of Engage is totally aligned with several of our company’s core values including sustainability, innovation and wellbeing. We’re delighted with how smoothly the project has gone and how positively it has been received by our colleagues.”