AG launches new durable and affordable flagstones 

AG has launched a new range of practical and affordable flagstones that have been specifically engineered to be accessible without compromising AG’s premium quality.

With the construction outlook for 2024 looking potentially challenging due to rising costs and tighter budgets, builders and architects are seeking value-engineered solutions. AG’s Crescent and Lastra flagstones are the first of several cost-effective products that will complement AG’s well-established, premium offering across paving, walling, kerbing and brick, highlighting their ability to cater to ‘Every Project, Every Time’.


Crescent is a robust and durable flagstone, with a finely textured, hard-wearing surface finish with a chamfered edge. This makes it the perfect choice for patios and paths as it reduces the risk of slipping. The flagstone is available in three popular and hard-wearing colours: natural grey, charcoal and buff, that will complement any project design.

Crescent comes in three size formats – a large and trendy 600mm x 600mm x 40mm, the 400mm x 400mm x 40mm option and the 450mm x 450mm x 40mm choice, which is ideal for paths. The new product uses 100% AG aggregates sourced from AG’s Fivemiletown Quarry, contributing to a lower production cost that the company can pass on to customers. Download the range’s Technical Data Sheet here for more information.


Lastra is a pressed and ground flagstone with finer aggregates and provides a more modern finish while still being affordable. Its excellent surface finish is rated ‘low potential for slip/skid’, which is better than standard polished flags in the market​, making it ideal for patios, pathways and balconies. This flagstone contains high-quality granite​, offering a great natural finish.

Lastra is available in one size format – 600mm x 400mm x 40mm – in three stylish colours: silver, slate and sahara. Lastra uses 55% recycled and reclaimed materials in the face mix and is manufactured with Enduur 1 advanced concrete technology. Enduur is the most advanced concrete technology ever created by AG, delivering an impressive range of product enhancements, from increased strength, durability, and UV resistance to a lower carbon footprint and advanced hydrophobic performance. Download the range’s Technical Data Sheet for more information.

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