AG’s Rock Solid Values are Paving the Path to Success

At AG we’re dedicated to creating an environment where our team can thrive and excel and this year we’re taking our company values – Innovation, Customer Care, Sustainability, Wellbeing, and Integrity – and embedding them into every aspect of our business.

It’s not just about words on the wall anymore, it’s about incorporating these core values into our daily practices to ensure we create the best culture possible for our expanding workforce.

Guiding this transformative initiative is the output from our Rock Solid Values workshops that we held at the end of 2023 in partnership with &Evolve, a company renowned for its expertise in employee engagement and organisational culture.

Uniting employees from all departments, these collaborative sessions focused on exploring the purpose, meaning and behaviours associated with our core values. The workshops also served as a platform for open dialogue, idea exchange, and collective brainstorming, tapping into the diverse perspectives and insights of our team members.

Enhanced Recognition and Transparency

The Rock Solid Values workshops have been instrumental in gathering invaluable feedback from our entire workforce. Through these sessions, we identified, discussed and assigned key areas for improvement across the business.

One notable initiative resulting from employee feedback is the enhancement of our Long Service Recognition Awards, which aim to tangibly honour and celebrate the invaluable contributions of our long-serving team members, reflecting our gratitude for their loyalty in alignment with our core company values.

Our newly updated programme spans from 1 to 50 years of service, ensuring that employees at every stage in their journey with AG are recognised accordingly. Awards range from gifts and experiences to enhanced remuneration packages, demonstrating our appreciation for ongoing commitment.

Additionally, departmental monthly meetings have been established to foster transparency and community across AG. These sessions cover key business developments, achievements, challenges, internal communications, department updates, and a values spotlight, recognising colleagues who exemplify our core values.

Each department has also been assigned initial deliverables from the output of the Rock Solid Values workshops held last year. Consequently, the new departmental meetings provide a platform to monitor progress and explore new ideas and opportunities for enhancing AG beyond our routine assignments, in alignment with our five core company values.

Leadership Training for Cultural Advocacy

Recognising the pivotal role of leadership in driving cultural change, AG has initiated a comprehensive leadership training programme. Managers throughout the business are currently participating in specialised sessions led by &Evolve, equipping them with the skills and mindset to champion our core values from the top down. By empowering managers to lead by example, we aim to create a ripple effect that permeates through every level of our organisation.

Stephen Acheson, CEO, commented,

“Amidst our company’s remarkable growth, our focus remains on cultivating an environment that nurtures talent and fosters success. This initiative marks a pivotal shift, transforming our values from static statements to dynamic drivers. It’s not just about professing our values, it’s about instilling them into the very fabric of our daily practices.”

Towards a Purpose-Driven Organisation

Through these concerted efforts, AG is not only reinforcing its commitment to Sustainability, Innovation, Wellbeing, Customer Care, and Integrity but also laying the foundation for a more resilient and purpose-driven organisation.

As we continue our journey forward, we remain committed in our mission to make a positive impact, both within the organisation and beyond. Our focus is not just on business growth but on nurturing a culture where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute to our collective success.

Amy Billings, Leadership and Engagement Manager at &Evolve, concludes,

“It’s inspiring to work with a company like AG that is truly invested in its people and committed to driving meaningful cultural change. By embracing their core values, they are setting themselves up for sustained success in the long run.”

AG’s Rock Solid Values are Paving the Path to Success