How to Create a Wildlife-friendly Garden featured image

29 February 2024  •  How-to

How to Create a Wildlife-friendly Garden

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4 Simple Tips to Achieve your Dream Driveway featured image

17 February 2024  •  How-to

4 Simple Tips to Achieve your Dream Driveway

A unique driveway can instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it stand out.

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Autumn Aftercare Tips featured image

17 November 2023  •  How-to

Autumn Aftercare Tips

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Beginners Guide to Hard Landscaping featured image

28 September 2023  •  How-to

Beginners Guide to Hard Landscaping

In this guide, we’ll give you a crash course in hard landscaping basics.

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How to design an Urban Oasis featured image

11 August 2023  •  How-to

How to design an Urban Oasis

While gardening in the towns and cities may not be as easy as stepping outside into a fertile backyard, it’s far from impossible and in some ways even preferable! 

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Living Al Fresco featured image

1 July 2023  •  How-to

Living Al Fresco

Once upon a time, Northern Irish gardens were largely forgotten about; being simply the place to host a sporadic BBQ or two upon sight of sun with a hotchpotch of chairs, tables and cushions moved from inside to outside to accommodate the family and/or guests assembled for the occasion. From this, we’re familiar with dining al fresco but this season has taken the concept to new, dizzy heights.

Today, elaborate outdoor living spaces have cemented the ‘living al fresco’ trend taking over gardens, with everything from outdoor bars, kitchens and hot tubs becoming mainstay features of regular homes across the county.

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Outdoor Eating featured image

15 June 2023  •  How-to

Outdoor Eating

What do you remember most about the best time spent with friends and family? It’s the company. It’s the great food. And it’s the perfect ambience. The first two are up to you, but creating the right mood in the right space is easily achievable with careful design and product choice – letting you set the scene for one perfect, long summer evening after another. For years to come.

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