11 August 2023

How to design an Urban Oasis

While gardening in the towns and cities may not be as easy as stepping outside into a fertile backyard, it’s far from impossible and in some ways even preferable! What is an urban garden?

At its heart, it’s a garden that has to conform to a small or specific space. Beyond that, it can take all kinds of forms, depending upon what your site calls for.

1. Extend your living space.

Blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Choose colours and textures from your interior which will give a sense of continuity and make your overall living space feel larger. Continue the indoor flooring straight onto the patio to extend your living space externally.

2. Make more of small spaces.

Long aspect paving, also known as ‘planked’, with its long clean lines, gives the impression of greater space in confined areas. Raise specific areas and use vibrant colours to create the impression of depth. Use decorative aggregates in rich contrasting colours to edge lighter coloured paving.

3. Make a statement.

Be inventive with topiary and statement walls. Use planting creatively to lend structure and add vibrancy and a dash of colour. An area with a low border wall is an excellent way to set aside an area for entertaining. Stylish garden furniture or a statement piece cuts down the need to store furniture inside and brings your patio to life. Use light and dark colours to emphasise the area.

Be inventive with planting and walling

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