Enduur 1

products made with advanced concrete technology

Enduur 1 products are engineered to deliver an impressive range of product enhancements, from increased strength, durability, UV resistance to a lower carbon footprint and advanced hydrophobic performance.

Enduur products are reimagined and redesigned from the core of the base layer to the top of the surface layer. Perennial problems that follow the installation and upkeep of concrete paving products have been evaluated and improved upon.

Advanced hydrophobics in product mix

AG’s base mix and curing process have been refined to help resist water ingress, significantly reducing the chance of efflorescence. Moss and algae will not ingress into the surface as deeply, and deep staining from pigments and oils will be reduced. Ongoing maintenance is less of a chore, and the general product lifecycle should be longer than traditional product.

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New material blending and finer aggregates in the base and surface layers help prevent the ingress and impregnation that lead to structural damage. products are preserved better for longer.

New, more sustainable OPC replacement

Advanced concrete technology delivers numerous strength and durability benefits, as well as reducing environmental impact by replacing a percentage of the Portland cement content –which lowers the product’s overall embodied carbon. Enduur products feature a 70% Carbon Reduction per % Enduur OPC Replacement in each block and stone.

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Enhanced product durability in the base and surface layers.

Enhanced Mix Optimisation delivers an improved surface layer with a dense composition to enhance strength and increase resistance to wear and tear. Benefits include improved UV resistance, longer term retention of colour, and improved abrasion resistance and structural durability.