AnchorWall® Software

What is AnchorWall® Software?

Designed by ANCHOR Diamond, the software enables you to design your own segmental retaining wall. It allows you to gauge the feasibility of the project and estimate material quantities from a very early stage.

AnchorWall® includes a wide range of products perfectly made for both straight and fixed radius curved walls.

The software has been created to improve design efficiency, accuracy as well as promote a seamless flow of information. Detailed designs ensure all stakeholders throughout the project are provided with technically correct information, in addition to peace of  mind.


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Why You Should Conduct Your Own Feasibility Assessment

Conducting your own feasibility assessment can provide you with an in-depth understanding from a very early stage.. You will be able to see from a visual point of view as well as technical, if your retaining wall is suitable. The software allows you to have more autonomy over the design process as well as the potential costs involved.

  • Increases design efficiency
  • Improves accuracy
  • Promotes a seamless flow of information
  • Generate material quality estimates


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Software Features 

  • Generates material quantity estimates
  • CAD designs can be imported and exported
  • You can project manage multiple segmental retaining walls at once

NB. This software is only compatible with PC.




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