Introducing Fiamma

premium, stain-resistant, flamed granite-effect flagstones


Meet Fiamma, the most technologically advanced product produced by AG to date. Fiamma has been engineered to replicate the surface of natural flamed granite. It’s packed with subtlety and care and has a host of strength and durability benefits.

Premium, purposefully strong and stain resistant.

Flamed to perfection

Fiamma is the product of a new flamed-effect manufacturing process which introduces more natural variance and subtlety in the surface mix. The result is a mid-texture product that maintains robust structural density while looking natural flamed.

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Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.

Unwavering in its resolve

Fiamma’s extreme resistance to surface abrasion and general wear and tear and low slip skid rating makes it the ideal partner for heavily trafficked schemes.

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Enduur 2 products add a unique surface treatment applied as part of the manufacturing process. This delivers non-toxic, sustainable advanced hydrophobic properties perfect for streetscapes, damp, industrial and trafficked areas.

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to the last

Fiamma is a highly versatile flagstone. It’s mid-texture makes it suitable for modern and traditional applications. It pairs well with natural and reconstituted materials.

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Crafted to be
aesthetically resistant

It’s mid-textured finish has the appearance of a natural flamed finish, but with superior durability. Finer aggregates and expert material blending create a more robust surface that maintains it’s sparkle and colour over time, even in high UV, damp and highly trafficked conditions.

Highly adaptable

Fiamma has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of scheme types and project styles. It pairs well with natural, reconstituted and permeable products.

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Robust would be
an understatement

The top mix optimisation process directs more cementitious material into the top of the flagstones (a unique blend of cement and AG’s cement replacement material). Finer aggregates give a tighter, crisper and more robust surface layer that stands up to heavily trafficked areas in a wide range of applications.

Accommodates a 5 tonne load weight

Laboratory testing confirms that Fiamma will withstand heavy loads for commercial areas. Vehicular traffic including forklifts, cherrypickers, ambulances and other vehicles up to 5 tonnes can be accommodated.

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Fiamma has a low to
extremely low potential
for slip

Fiamma’s unique finish delivers significant advantages, marrying the aesthetics of natural flamed granite with the performance of a more textured flag. Slip skid testing rates Fiamma between low and extremely low potential for slip. This outperforms town centre planning requirements to ensure public realm areas have sufficient safety on paths and walkways.

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