Introducing Woodward Fine Cast Brick – now with Enduur 1

Born in the relentless pursuit of perfection.

One day, all bricks will be made this way.

Fine Cast Brick with Enduur 1.

Enduur is an evolutionary approach to manufacturing and protecting your products. New, state-of-the-art development, testing and manufacturing processes. Cutting-edge material blending techniques that deliver enhanced performance and superbly refined aesthetics. Environmental innovations that reduce carbon use and enhance sustainability. AG’s continuing commitment to the highest level of aesthetic and sustainable concrete engineering premium brick products.

Fine Cast Brick benefits are countless. They have been designed and precision-engineered to challenge the aesthetic and environmental limitations of concrete brick and the environmental and durability limitations of kiln-fired clay brick. AG Fine Cast Bricks embrace new technology, new production techniques and innovative additive and mix designs.

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New material blending and finer aggregates help prevent the ingress and impregnation that lead to structural damage. Traditional processes have been carefully evolved to maintain the manufacturing benefits of concrete bricks, while ensuring high levels of sophistication in the final product.

An intrinsically more sustainable process

Fine Cast Brick is cured rather than kiln-fired. The product is ‘set’ by an exothermic reaction, which occurs when heat is released during the water and cement mix process. Each Fine Cast Brick uses 30% less energy to produce than a kiln-fired clay brick.

Kiln-fired clay bricks require an industrial kiln, fired at 1000+°C to ‘bake’ or ‘fire’ it. Commercial kilns are fired on average of 22 hours per day.

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Improved processes and mix technology ensure long term colour steadfastness

Fine Cast Brick’s mix technology ensures long-term resistance to fading is guaranteed, even in harsh and exposed environments. Blend technology can produce sophisticated colour patterns which mimic the subtleties found in clay. They don’t discolour over time, meaning undesirable patchiness and staining are kept to a minimum. Ongoing maintenance is less of a chore, and the general product lifecycle should be longer than comparable concrete bricks.

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AG Fine Cast Bricks with

AG Fine Cast Bricks with

AG Fine Cast Bricks with

Enduur 1 products are engineered to deliver an impressive range of product enhancements, from increased strength, durability, and UV resistance to a lower carbon footprint and advanced hydrophobic performance. Using cutting-edge material blending techniques that deliver enhanced performance, superbly refined aesthetics and environmental innovations which reduce carbon use and enhance sustainability.

Advanced concrete technology reduces environmental impact by replacing the core body mix of the brick with stronger, but more sustainable, materials – and recycled pigments. This lowers the product’s overall embodied carbon. An Enduur 1 Fine Cast Brick contains 30% less embodied carbon than a kiln-fired clay brick.

Enhanced strength

Enduur 1’s enhanced mix optimisation delivers an improved, high performance body mix with improved hydrophobics to enhance strength and increase resistance to wear and tear.

An advanced mix and process technology that excels against clay brick

Uniformity, colour consistency, repeatability and durability are all improved with Enduur 1. The product mix has been refined to help resist water ingress, significantly reducing the chance of efflorescence. Moss and algae will not ingress into the surface as deeply, and deep staining from pigments and oils will be reduced.

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Enduur 1 Fine Cast Brick’s porosity is finer and much more predictable than kiln-fired clay brick, making it less prone to damage and fading.

Colour and Fading

Enduur 1 mix optimisation means colours are more tightly bound throughout the core mix than before. its colour will remain consistent even in the harshest conditions, including those that face constant exposure to sun or damp.

Enduur 1 products are more sustainable and require less upkeep over time.


Woodward Fine Cast Bricks have been designed to be highly versatile, sophisticated and builder-friendly. Every aspect of the product’s lifecycle has been analysed, planned around and bettered – to create a truly evolved, aesthetically engineered brick. The production process ensures unbeatable dimensional accuracy, meaning less guesswork and wastage. They’re quick to produce, so disruption is never an issue – no surprises.

Woodward Brick Collection

The highly versatile, precision engineered Woodward Brick Collection is available in two finishes. The ‘Smooth’ finish is vibrant with a smooth, sharp crispness; while the ‘Antique’ finish is rumbled with mellow pastels in the reclaimed style.

Woodward Fine Cast Brick is designed with a depression on the top face – commonly known as a frog. The objective of the frog is to improve the overall ‘buildability’ and stability of the product.

Designed to be a brickie’s best friend

Woodward’s technical specifications make life on site much easier. The production process ensures unbeatable dimensional accuracy, meaning less guesswork and wastage.

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Easily lay 15 to 20 courses a day.

Unbeatable dimensional accuracy

The Fine Cast Brick production process makes it easy to control dimensions accurately – unlike clay, which suffers from shrinkage and some warping. Fine cast bricks cure evenly – uneven bricks unlikely, making build and levelling straightforward.

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Minimal wastage onsite

The likelyhood of chipped or distorted bricks is minimal – bale wastage is kept to a minimum. Fine Cast Bricks are much less time-consuming to produce, so the potential for serious disruption is never an issue – no surprises.

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