Enduur 2

advanced concrete technology plus surface protection

Stain repellant, hydrophobic surface treatments have been a popular concrete treatment solution for over 15 years. Enduur 2 surface protection employs the latest material research to provide a solution that’s both non-toxic and sustainable, meaning no harsh chemical additives or environmentally adverse practices are required in manufacturing, installation and upkeep.

Repels irritants that may cause deep staining

Concrete’s porous nature makes it prone to absorbing liquids, Stubborn substances such as dyes, pigments, oil based liquids and petrochemicals can cause seepage below the surface. If severe enough, a spill can lead to a deep stain – or irreparable damage that may require costly maintenance, repairs or replacements. Perfect for uses in industrial, roughly trafficked and damp projects.

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Repels adhesives

Enduur 2 surface protection will also limit the sticking ability of most light gums and adhesives, making ongoing maintenance far less costly and time consuming.

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Further reduces water ingress to repel moss and algae

Enduur 2’s surface protection enhances the repellent properties of Enduur 1’s hydrophobic material blending. Damp loving green growth will struggle to impregnate an Enduur 2 surface.

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Installation times and cost are likely to be reduced

Enduur 2 can effectively repel surface embedding of most soils, grouts and sands. Labour time, cleaning equipment and product excess requirements may all be reduced. Surface dirt and residues left by installation equipment are less likely to penetrate deeply. Grouting materials are easier to brush away and wash down.

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