Ground-up superiority

TerraPave® premium granite flagstones.

Skip the downsides of stone.

Cost, supply timescales, product variability and the environmental downsides of shipping stone long distances mean that it’s often an imperfect solution. Enter TerraPave®– a natural aggregate flagstone range that skips these downsides while perfectly capturing the aesthetic of natural granite.

All the beauty of natural stone

How AG push the boundaries of ‘recon’.

8 colours | 1 finish | 2 edges | 3 formats | 2 depths… 360 ways to get that design out of your head.

Our TerraPave® range provides huge flexibility for architects, specifiers and designers. Hundreds of options across colour, finish, format and depth create unique creative possibilities and let your project’s landscape design really shine – all while staying within the bounds of realistic budgets and project timescales.

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Sell your vision

Request a TerraPave® toolkit and you’ll discover how easy we’ve made it to sell your ideas – sample packs, swatch booklets, brochures, case studies and a dedicated AG representative to answer any questions you may have.

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360. Creative freedom.

The TerraPave® range is now available in 8 colours | 1 finish | 2 edges | 3 formats | 2 depths

The TerraPave® range of premium granite flagstones is designed to give you creative freedom where none existed before.

We all know the scenarios. You assume that your project budget means picking from the usual range of undistinguished recon products. Or you’re working on a large scale premium project, struggling to make the budget work and worried that the integrity of the project design will lose something in the value engineering process. This is where TerraPave® squares the circle for you.

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Aesthetic engineering

Creating real beauty for the built environment.

At AG, we’ve always invested heavily in state-of-the-art production machinery. When combined with our vast knowledge of geology, chemistry and process technology, we’ve been able push the boundaries of what’s possible with reconstituted stone.

TerraPave®, like much of our range, falls into the category of ‘often imitated but never bettered’ – it’s a product that combines technical prowess and aesthetic excellence with unparalleled choice and flexibility.

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Inspired by history.
Created by science.

Developed by our in-house design team and inspired by 15th Century Terrazzo techniques, TerraPave®’s beautifully aggregate-rich finishes have been carefully designed to deliver a hard-wearing, long lasting product that simply looks amazing.

All-natural beauty

TerraPave® is created with the best aggregates from our own quarries and only the finest European granites. You’ll find no dyes here – just natural colours that will last a lifetime.

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Manufacturing excellence

TerraPave®’s unique production process is almost completely computer-controlled to ensure quality and consistency – and the fast production of made-to-order colours and format options.

Continuity of Supply.

AG boasts a legacy of manufacturing selected product lines for over two decades. For in-stance, if TerraPave® in the colour finish Rimini Ground was specified back in 2004, AG remains capable of delivering this product to the site today, providing you with ultimate peace of mind when specifying AG products.