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AG Anchor: walls without boundaries.

Discover the benefits of Anchor retaining walls.

From design flexibility and aesthetic superiority to technical performance and installation efficiencies, AG Anchor retaining walls have been designed to address the most common pitfalls of wall design and offer comprehensive solutions to even the most demanding retaining wall requirements.

Discover the Benefits

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Commercial solutions

With a range of block sizes, finishes and surface textures to choose from, AG Anchor walls have been designed to perform aesthetically and structurally. Curves, corners, parapets and terraced spaces can be built quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Commercial Solutions

Introducing machine install

Vertica® wall systems can now be specified for machine install – an exclusive first for AG in the UK and Ireland. Machine install brings significant increases to site safety, as well as significantly reducing labour and time requirements for a typical large installation.

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From structural
to decorative

AG Anchor walling is perfect for walling in housing projects. From flexibly and affordably changing levels on site to attractive wall dividers and ornamental landscaping, AG Anchor can provide aesthetically strong, cost effective solutions.

Housbuilding Solutions

Structural + civil projects

Our BBA + HAPAS approved systems have been designed to manage even the most technically challenging projects, making them the ideal solution for civil infrastructure jobs such as roadworks and rail projects.

Structural + Civil Solutions