Commercial Solutions

Faster, smarter walling systems.

Engineering meets aesthetics.

With a range of block sizes, finishes and surface textures to choose from, AG Anchor walls have been designed to perform aesthetically as well as structurally. Curves, corners, parapets and terraced spaces can be built quickly, safely and affordably.

Maximum design flexibility.

SRW systems are built from relatively small elements, making corners, curves, changes in level and architectural features like steps, seats and lighting installation easy to implement – allowing for many more design possibilities within a scheme design. The simple, modular nature of the system means that if plans need to change, re-design is generally straightforward and won’t have a wider impact on installation methods and planned sequencing.

Anchor systems are fast and efficient.

Anchor retaining wall installation has been designed to be ruthlessly efficient:

EASY TO SEQUENCE Drop on-drop off when work areas are available, when labour becomes plentiful or weather disrupts other operations.

ONE OPERATION The wall doesn’t need extra processes – as the final block is laid, the wall is complete.

COMPLETE Features like fences, guardrails, crash barriers can be designed to work in the toughest circumstances.

Approved + Accredited

Our BBA + HAPAS approved blocks, when designed in accordance with BS 8006-1:210, Annex B can deliver a design life of 120 years – meeting the design life expectations for the development of Design Codes Highway Works structures.