Structural + Civil Solutions

Faster, smarter walling systems.

Technical performance that’s second to none.

AG Anchor segmental retaining wall systems exceed targets for durability, settlement/movement tolerances, crushing strength and water absorption. SRW blocks have been made from high grade aggregates using the latest computerised systems and are designed to outperform standard compressive strength requirements.

Unrivalled system strength.

Geogrids, steel support and self-compacting backfill solutions can be introduced to provide additional reinforcement which permit extremely high loading conditions and makes SRWs suitable for heavy engineering projects.

Anchor Landmark®

Landmark’s built in lockbar and geo-grid system create a true positive connection between the reinforcement materials and the block, allowing it to withstand earth pressures, surcharges and seismic loads.

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Reinforced walls: Anchorplex® system

The Anchorplex® retaining wall system is a reinforced retaining wall built with Anchor products and self-compacting structural retaining wall backfill that meets Anchor Wall Systems Inc.’s specifications, and backed by their engineering support tools.

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Reinforced walls: Direct Anchorage system

A Direct Anchorage system is an installation method that connects earth anchors to retaining wall blocks that may be used where sufficient space for placement of geosynthetic reinforcement does not exist.

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