Straight Up

Vertica® goes where other systems fear to tread.

Vertica® dry-build segmental retaining walls.

As you know, there are many options for constructing large retaining walls. If you want to enhance your project and benefit from a fast-moving, cost-effective system that’s both aesthetic and easy to engineer, AG’s Vertica® is the smart choice.

From design flexibility and aesthetic superiority to technical performance and installation efficiencies, AG Anchor retaining walls have been designed to address the most common pitfalls of wall design and offer comprehensive solutions to even the most demanding retaining wall requirements.

Discover the Benefits

Mortarless wall can be built to virtually any height.

Free to build in all weathers due to concrete and mortar free construction.

Architecturally stylish presence available as a stone-cut finish in three warm earth tone colour options.

Further enhance an already speedy installation process by specifying for machine install.

Safe and smart, anti-climb rise.

Watch a simple demonstration video.

How-to-build Anchor® Vertica® Reinforced Segmental Retaining Walling.

Faster, smarter walling systems.

AG Anchor segmental retaining wall systems have been designed to address many of the common design difficulties of accommodating changing levels on sites and to resolve many of the key bugbears of traditional walling solutions. The AG Anchor range is a clear winner on cost effectiveness, aesthetics and practicality.

A tried + tested solution.

AG currently supply Anchor Wall Systems to the UK and Ireland. Anchor are walls are built in more that 20 other countries, supplying over 10 million blocks to public, private, commercial and domestic schemes – they’re a proven effective solution in large-scale public works and road-building schemes, schools, commercial projects and within housing developments.

Versatile + practical

If you’re used to designing with other types of retaining solutions, you’ll find the sheer flexibility and versatility of the AG Anchor system to be a revelation.

As safe as it is fast. Build faster and safer with Machine Install.

Machine Install has been designed to increase speed, efficiency and safety during the installation process of retaining wall blocks. Vertica® blocks can be quickly and efficiently moved from pallet to wall with minimal intervention – reducing build times and labour requirements and delivering a safer working environment.

Aesthetically strong

Designed to capture the beauty of natural stone, AG Anchor walls have been carefully designed to deliver a solution that perfectly complements both natural and urban environments.

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