Value Engineering: Every Project, Every Time

AG is proud to unveil a new initiative focused on Value Engineering – ‘Every Project, Every Time’. This concept underpins AG’s commitment to supplying an extensive product offering that can cater to various project requirements from lessening environmental impact to delivering cost efficiencies. By diversifying our product portfolio we’re reinforcing our purpose to offer solutions that make construction better, faster and safer for our customers.

As we step into 2024, the construction landscape presents challenges that demand innovative solutions. Rising costs and tighter budgets have become the norm, putting pressure on projects to find value-driven options and optimised solutions. AG, a pioneer in premium quality paving and building products, is rising to the occasion with the launch of Crescent, the first in a series of cost-effective, entry level products to be debuted by the company in 2024.

Crafted with Precision, Powered by Sustainability

Crescent, our latest innovation, is a flagstone that redefines entry-level products. Meticulously designed and engineered, Crescent brings the renowned AG quality to a wider audience. This practical and durable flagstone features a finely textured, hard-wearing surface finish, that provides low potential for slip, making it the perfect choice for a variety of cost conscious projects from patios to paths.

Predominantly produced in our state-of-the-art Ocem Flagstone Manufacturing Plant, opened last summer, Crescent is produced with 100% renewable energy and 100% recycled water. Our dedication to environmental responsibility also translates into tangible benefits for our customers – improved product performance, extended life cycle and attractive finishes.

Crescent’s Highlights

Engineered Affordability

Engineered Affordability

Entry level product offering AG’s renowned quality for a fraction of the cost of our mid-high end offering.

AG Aggregates

Manufactured with 100% AG sourced aggregates, extracted exclusively from our quarry based in Fivemiletown; offering control over quality, consistency in supply chain, third party supplier costs and environmental impact.

Minimal Processing

Minimal Processing

A textured product which features minimal secondary processing, contributing to reduced production costs, manufacturing time and carbon emissions.

Enduring Strength

Enduring Strength

Features a hardwearing, finely textured surface with a bevelled edge, mitigating chipping and providing low potential for slip.

Optimal Colour Retention

Optimal Colour Retention

Includes good colour fastness, finish will remain vibrant and true over time.

Versatile Selection

Available in three versatile format sizes and three rich colours, catering to various project requirements. View Crescent’s product page for full details.

By exclusively utilising aggregates from our Fivemiletown Quarry, Crescent embodies our commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence in every aspect of its production. Crescent isn’t just a product; it’s a solution, representing quality without compromise and affordability without sacrifice.

However, Value Engineering is more than gaining cost efficiencies, you can optimise your product selection by various other elements with AG including environmental impact, functionality, durability and aesthetics as well.

Value Engineer Every Element

Our extensive portfolio provides a number of options for a wide range of project concerns, take our Xflo Permeable Paving Solutions® offering for example.

Designed to mimic the natural movement of storm water, the range provides a hard landscaping alternative that replicates the properties of a green field – allowing water to permeate the surface slowly, then infiltrate back into the drainage system, mitigating flash flooding.

As intense rainfall, surface flooding and powerful storms frequent the UK & Ireland more consistently due to the effects of climate change, the need for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) is becoming more prevalent and in some cases mandatory.

A beneficial SUD option for both commercial and consumer projects, our Xflo Permeable Paving Solutions® are engineered to remove surface water rapidly and safely at a rate of over fifty times the expected rainfall of a one-hundred-year storm. The range can also be used in conjunction with our standard ranges to form an effective SUD by incorporating as little as one third of our permeable paving in the hard landscaping area.

As it stands Wales is the only country in the United Kingdom with legislation in place that requires all planning applications to include SuDS, however, the UK government has announced that this year England will follow suit, following pressure from the industry to act now and implement schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

This means that most new constructions in England will require a SuDs-specific authorisation by the SuDS Approval Body (SAB) prior to construction commencing. Discover how SuDs can enhance your project here and learn about Michael Davies, AG’s Technical Manager’s thoughts on the growing importance of SuDs.

Plaza, one of the ranges we offer as part of our Xflo Permeable Paving Solutions® collection is also an excellent alternative to natural stone. It’s distinctive and vibrant finish is exposed through a controlled water etching process that reveals the high quality natural granite and quartz aggregates used in its top mix.

As an engineered product, Plaza offers instrumental benefits that granite simply can’t, namely colour consistency, continuity of supply and an impressive embodied carbon figure.

Made with our revolutionary advanced concrete technology, Enduur 1, Plaza features increased strength, durability, UV resistance, a lower carbon footprint and reduced efflorescence.

More affordable than it’s organic counterpart the range is ideal for those seeking a reliable, cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and durable hard landscaping alternative for any commercial projects.

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